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I am a BACP qualified supervisor holding the CPCAB Level 6 in Therapeutic Counselling Supervision certificate. I work with individuals, couples, and adolescents.  My approach is person- Centred and I have experience and understanding of various counselling perspectives and modalities. I work with qualified and trainee counsellors at my private practice in Stevenage and offer face to face and zoom sessions.

My collaborative approach involves working together to explore your relationship with clients and attending to your personal and professional development. Supervision is a professional requirement which helps you meet the needs of your clients, to reflect upon your practice and to take care of yourselves.   

My work as a therapist and supervisor has enhanced my understanding and knowledge of the therapeutic process allowing me to oversee your work and any blind areas you may have, while working with your clients. Offering encouragement and constructive feedback to help ensure that your practice runs smoothly and ethically. Monitoring your work to ensure that your clients have professional support and is not harmed by any bad practice or unethical behaviour. As a supervisor my task is to ensure that counsellors are working within their capabilities and with clients who are appropriate for them.

CPCAB Accredited

Supervision is a valuable way of “checking in” with a more experienced practitioner thus supporting and ensuring counsellors stay grounded, maintain professional and ethical boundaries, develop their knowledge, both theoretically and practically, as well as focus on self-care to avoid “burnout”. Supervision is fundamental to the provision of safe, ethical, and competent counselling. The supportive or restorative function of supervision gives the supervisee a forum to look at their own issues in terms of how counselling relationships are affecting him or her. It provides the containment side of supervision. It also supports the counsellor as they struggle with finding their own style and exploring various ways of working. The administrative or normative function of supervision acts as a type of ‘quality control’ and ‘has an eye to all aspects of the work’ including issues of supervisee accountability and responsibility, and the welfare of the client.

What Is Clinical Supervisor

The supervisor maintains the structure and keeps the space open where the supervisee can develop in a safe environment exposing weaknesses as well as strengths. The supervisee, on the other hand, has responsibility to be proactive in using the relationship to voice fears, difficulties, inhibitions, make mistakes and take risks. Responsibility for the supervisor-supervisee relationship is shared, with responsibility.

for structuring the sessions shifting from the supervisor to the supervisee as the latter gains experience and grows in confidence.

While a good supervisor will offer supervision skills, commitment, empathy, valuing of the supervisee and congruence, the responsibility for identifying what she or he brings to the supervision agenda lies with the supervisee. 

Though many similarities, differences and parallels may be found in the counselling and supervision relationship, the latter while supporting the supervisee, ultimately enhances the quality of support for the client, who is the primary focus of the supervision relationship.

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