Counselling Price

Introductory Session

£ 40
  • 30 Minute Session
  • have an initial meeting before committing yourself (optional)

Individual Counselling

£ 60
  • 60 Minute Session

Couples Counselling

£ 75
  • 60 Minute Session

Young Person Counselling

£ 50
  • £50 for 40 Minute Session
  • £60 for 60 Minute Session

Online Counselling

£ 60
  • Online individual sessions £60
  • Online couple's sessions £75
  • 60 Minute Session

Trainee Counsellors

£ 50
  • 60 Minute Session

Clinical Supervision

  • Qualified Counsellors
  • £60 Per hour
  • £90 For 90 Minutes
  • Students
  • £50 Per hour
  • £75 For 90 Minutes
  • (fees may apply for any reports required)
  • Longer sessions are available
Longer sessions are also available on request.

Like any form of relationship counselling, couple counselling is not about being told what to do. I will take an impartial and balanced perspective.

I will encourage and facilitate a process where the couple are able to decide upon the right course of action to take. I will never judge or take sides regarding your relationship by supporting positive communication. Counselling can help you and your partner come to your own decisions about how to progress.

This might involve changing how you interact with each other, the ways you spend time together or how you deal with specific issues as a couple.

In some cases this process might require ‘homework’ to be completed outside your counselling sessions. This will be unique to each couple but can take the form of topics to discuss, alternative ways of dealing with certain situations or completing a specific task together

No matter your gender, stage of relationship, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion Dawn Gregory Counselling is available to help.  I believe passionately in the importance of early intervention and encourage couples to consider counselling before relationship issues escalate.

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