Dawn Gregory Counselling

When looking for counselling services in Stevenage – and the surrounding area – it’s important to contact an empathetic and professional counsellor.

Someone who knows the diversity of human experience, and who treats you as an individual.

Dawn Gregory Counselling is ready and waiting to take your call, chat to you online, or arrange a private and confidential meeting. We can explore the best ways to meet your mental and emotional issues and challenges. Whether you are an individual in crisis, a couple in need of therapeutic intervention or simply someone who wants better mental health.

Finding the right Stevenage counselling service

Matching your individual needs and expectations to my Stevenage-based counselling services is important.

How can you choose a counsellor with confidence?

Researching counselling online

For some people, the starting point is online research to find ‘counselling near me’.

I offer extensive internet insights and information to help you to explore my services, credentials and professional experience and expertise.

My own counselling website

This is kept up to date with service profiles and important news.

It includes many of the counselling topics I cover such as depression, anxiety, loss and bereavement, relationship breakdowns, poor self-worth, OCD, eating disorders and substance misuse.

This list of counselling specialities is by no means prescriptive. Your own area of concern is all that matters to me when you seek out counselling in Stevenage.

Counselling Directory

To provide further signposting to my services, my counselling directory information can be found in several places.

For example, within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s informative website.

I also have a counselling directory entry within the highly respected Psychology Today online resources.

Other internet users find their way to ‘a counselling service near me’ via the Bark website. My directory entry for this site is also an important point of reference.

The sort of counselling you need

From your initial research on where to find counselling in the Stevenage area, to contacting me for further information, it is likely that one highly common question will come to mind.

“Can you help me?”

I am keen to emphasise that you should get in touch to discuss your individual needs and what you hope to achieve.

However, my Stevenage counselling services do include the following broad categories.

Individual counselling

Your personal challenges and issues can be explored in a way that makes you feel safe, listened to and supported. There is no judgement – just positive one-to-one interaction.

Couples counselling

The right support can get you through a difficult time in your relationship, and you can both benefit from my local counselling support.

Help with family relationships

The couples counselling support I offer doesn’t always involve people who are married or living together. You can also find the counselling you need for such relationships as mother and adolescent, or sibling issues.

Specialist counselling for young people

Young people face many and various issues and challenges. I specialise in providing the support that enables an open and comfortable exchange between a counsellor and anyone between the ages of 18 years old.

Can I have counselling online?

Some people feel most comfortable – and able to open up thoroughly – when their counselling sessions are available via technology.

As I aim to help as many people as possible on the road to improved mental and emotional health, I am pleased to offer online counselling support.