Individual Counselling

Dawn Gregory Counselling allows you to deal with issues that negatively impact on your life and relationships.

Counselling creates a safe environment in which you can then explore the issues you are facing individually thus giving you a clearer understanding of how those issues impact upon you and ways to manage them.

We are all unique and so are the life events we experience. Individual counselling sessions consider how we react to such experience, why we feel the emotions we feel and why we respond to circumstances in certain ways.

These experiences may be from early childhood, past relationship or recent events. In all cases, counselling offers the chance to explore them and develop a deeper understanding of their impact upon you.

There are many benefits to counselling. While it was previously seen as a final option for those who have reached crisis point, now it is recognised as a preventative measure, a form of self-care in managing difficult feelings before they get worse.

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Our initial consultation will provide time to discuss any concerns you may have about counselling and your personal hopes you wish to achieve


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Online Counselling

Personal therapy is also available online from anywhere in the world

Technology allows new opportunities for counselling and psychotherapy. We provide online therapy, in English, to many clients around the world and to our clients in Hertfordshire who prefer appointments from their homes or offices .

It is not always convenient for some of our clients to attend face-to-face meetings. These days much therapy takes place entirely online using technologies like Skype and Zoom. If you would prefer to have therapy from your home or office, Dawn is experienced in providing online counselling and psychotherapy.