About Me

I have always wanted to train as a counsellor and to be able to offer a non-judgemental approach to the people that I work with.
To offer a therapeutic space for people to use and help them find out what is going on for them. Things from our past can shape who we are today. Things from our childhoods and certain traumas, can have us acting out on behaviours that can be damaging to us.
I am a very warm and friendly person and a good listener. I have a very empathic understanding and vast experiences from my own personal life.
This has also shaped me to be the person I am today. Like many of you I have my own “battle scars” as I had to fight my own demons, build -up my self confidence and low self -esteem.
I can help you recognise these behaviours and what triggers them. I have worked with adolescents and adults of all disabilities. I have experience in working with bereavement/loss or relationships breakdowns. Deal with addiction in it’s many forms. Stress and anxiety, helping you worry less about things. Feelings of depression or sadness. Cope with redundancy or work -related stress. Feel more confident and work on low self-esteem, enabling a more positive look on life. Learn to live with life altering injury/illness. Understanding yourself and your problems better.
After counselling, you might feel you can be more yourself, more easily be with others and operate more constructively in your world. You may feel empowered to identify choices that you previously thought weren’t there. You may have gained new insight into yourself or made sense of something that previously felt impossible.
If you feel I can help you, then contact me and I’ll look forward to working with you. Helping you understand your world and what’s going on for you. I’m here to listen.
Dawn Gregory.

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Online Counselling

Personal therapy is also available online from anywhere in the world

Technology allows new opportunities for counselling and psychotherapy. We provide online therapy, in English, to many clients around the world and to our clients in Hertfordshire who prefer appointments from their homes or offices .

It is not always convenient for some of our clients to attend face-to-face meetings. These days much therapy takes place entirely online using technologies like Skype and Zoom. If you would prefer to have therapy from your home or office, Dawn is experienced in providing online counselling and psychotherapy.